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For More Than 10 Years…

“We have come to a time in our lives when we want to leave a Legacy of Health and Hope to those we love and cherish and to those friends we haven’t met yet.” -Dr. Carolyn & Joy

We’ve teamed up with HBOT USA who has been a leader in providing hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) along with superior health and balance through natural health care and holistic treatments. Thank you to our clients for recommending friends and family and helping us educate more clients about the benefits of HBOT therapy. Stop in at our new San Antonio HBOT location and see for yourself what Oxygen Therapy can do for you or a loved one. You are so worth every effort we have made to bring this technology to you.



We offer another 7 week course entitled “The Toxins Among Us” during which a different toxin is selected each week that most Americans are dealing with on a continual basis. We live in a “toxic soup” requiring us to be vigilant about detoxing our bodies on a regular basis. When this doesn’t happen in an ongoing detoxification routine, our bodies become overwhelmed, eventually leading to catastrophic chronic illness.

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We’ve been working with clients with a wide variety of health cases for over 10 years.


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Your body’s tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function.

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“After reading about hyperbarics helping athletes, I decided that it could only help someone my age(57) trying to run a marathon. Not only did it give me more stamina but I feel a continuing renewed sense of energy, feel less tired, sleep better and have people asking where I went on vacation because I have such “great color“.I have actually never felt this good after any vacation I’ve taken,This was the best! Thank you Core Therapies.”

“After a one hour session, my Bell’s Palsy improved. The left side of my face became “very relaxed” without the worries of my left face twitching and eye blinking as we talked. The benefits I experienced lasted for most of the day and into the next and I can’t tell you how great it made me feel. I now know that there’s another way to clear this problem up. I look forward to more treatments.”

“HBOT is amazing. I used it for bilateral Bell’s palsy and saw slight movement in my lips during the first time I was in the chamber. Each session after that, I saw more and more movement in my face. It did wonders for my healing process.”

“The HBOT has been the one thing that has made a big difference in the healing process of my tendons. I also believe that prolotherapy has also helped, but the HBOT has helped the other therapies to work better. I believe that the healing process will continue due to HBOT and that soon I’ll be back to running the way I use to, pain free. ”

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