IMAET Therapy

The IMAET is a Biofeedback device used by healthcare professionals that is capable of assessing bodily energy imbalances. It is functionally based on Quantum Physics, Modern Cellular Biology, Epigenetics and Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Even Tesla and Einstein clearly understood that the body is energy.

The person is scanned, calculations of the distortions of thousands of frequencies are made and results are listed based on the level of the body’s reactivity to the various frequencies found in that person. The biofeedback mechanism focuses on epigenetics influencing genomic stress reduction and energetic balance. The IMAET’s ability to function in the feedback loop of the bio-resonances of various frequencies of allergens, pathogens, hidden infections and even genetic variants called SNPs is essential to the identification of stresses present and stress relief management. An effective feedback program can be created for an individual offering toxic stress relief and harmonizing of the body at a cellular level.

Please note: No medical nor curative claims can be made.