When two of your closest friends tell you they are ready to leave this world because of chronic illness, what do you do? You sell a successful orthodontic practice and go on an “all out” mission to find answers for them that no one has been able to offer. In a period of 3 years attending over 24 healthcare conferences, Dr. Carolyn Flanary, DDS came to the realization that she should open a facility to provide access and relief to the people who cry themselves to sleep each night because no one can provide answers for their chronic illness. When Joy heard what Dr. Carolyn had in mind, she said “I’m in. Although it’s daunting, it’s noble and long overdue.” Dr. Carolyn then takes up the mantra “Calling all Mama Bears!” It is a much needed wake up call to our vigilant matriarchs. No one messes with our Baby Bears, right?!

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And so the ADVENTURE continues….

Being a little discouraged by wasting 10 weeks when negotiations on two potential lease spaces did not turn out, I asked God at each meal with Joy (my business partner) no less than 5 times in these exact words to give me a “concrete, crystal clear, black and white sign so big I could not miss it”…. I felt I needed a confirmation as to where I should open Oxygen Regenerative Therapies. So, on this very special day Joy & I turned into this driveway of a leasable space and here was “my sign”.

He has such a great sense of humor….. This sign had NOT been there the day before when we had stopped by to initially look at this space. There had been a sign about home loans instead….
So, TAKE NOTE: this sign is anchored on “concrete”, leased by “Clear” Channel, and is “BLACK & WHITE” so “BIG” I couldn’t miss it! You know He’s laughing at my reaction to His amaZing ways!!

This space is the best one of all, more room and requiring less to finish out. He already had prepared a place for us ? and it comes with a gorgeous pool. Excellent location on 281 North access road just north of Bitters Rd.

Crazy thing is I pulled into the driveway after about only 7-8 days when the deal was done and “POOF!” Here’s what was up …. a totally different sign.

It’s so fun when He shows up and shows off. Isn’t this a cool story?~Jeremiah 29:11

Mission Statement….

“We have come to a time in our lives when we want to leave a Legacy of Health and Hope to those we love and cherish and to those friends we haven’t met yet.”

– Dr. Carolyn & Joy

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